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PC ATX Gaming Power Supply Aurora RGB Lights 500W Rated ( 80 Plus© Bronze Certified)
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High Performance PC ATX Gaming Power Supply

Brand: Dark Forest

Model: Bonfire BF 520


Product Features Highlights:-

- Built-in Aurora RGB Lighting system

- High Efficiency - 80PLUS© Bronze Certified

- Power Supply Efficiency achieve 85.6% at 50% system load

- Fully Modular cable management for greater setup flexibility

- Ample 12+V output. Enhanced +12V current capability broadens utilization possibilities

- Tight Voltage Regulation- Improved load regulation reduces voltage variations to provide stable operations.

- 140mm Ultra Quite & Temperature-Controlled Fan, provides optimized colling solution.

- Intel & AMD Latest GEN. Ready.

- Support Multi-GPU Technology NVDIAI SLI & AMD Crossfire setup Ready . 6-pins & 8-Pins PIC-E connectors to support all GPU platforms

- Back Panel and PCB are connected by a copper plate. Reduced production error during manual insertion and tidy layout.

- Safety & protection features: 

a) Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)

b) Over-Power protection (OPP)

c) Under-Voltage protection ( UVP)

d) Short-Circuit Protection (SCP)



-Model: BF520

-Intel Standard: Intel ATX12V

-Measurement: 150mm (W) X 86mm (H) X 160mm (L)

-Protection: OVP/OPP/UVP/SCP

-AC Input: 180V-265V, 8-4A, 50-60HZ

-Connectors: MB 24/20Pin connector X 1(600MM), CPU 8/4pin X 1(600mm), PCI-E 8/6pin x 2, Peripheral 4pin x 3, SATA x 6

-DC Output: +12V, +3.3V, +5V, -12V, +5Vsb

-Max Output Current: 35A, 15A, 15A, 0.3A, 2.5A

-Max Power: 420W, 100W, 3.6A, 12.5A

-Rated Power: 500W

** Product comes with one year warranty